Angular 6 (Angular 2+) & React 16 – The Complete App Guide



Download Udemy – Angular 6 (Angular 2+) & React 16 – The Complete App Guide

Master Angular (Angular 5, Angular 6,incl. Angular 7), React + Redux (React 16) & Node. Stripe, AWS, Express included.

The topic includes:

  • Instruction to help you create powerful, updated and real-world web apps using React, Angular, Node.
  • Understand in depth the Angular, React and Node’s processes and architecture.
  • Exercise by developing your own web apps in the most demanded background on the market.
  • Improve your knowledge and skills in the environment of fascinating Angular, React and Node web development.
  • Be familiar with Redux, MongoDB, Amazon S3, and more other tools.


  • Basic understanding of Javascript.
  • You do not need any knowledge about Angular, React and Node.
  • Basics in HTML and CSS will be helpful.


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