Apache Spark 2 With Scala – Hands On With Big Data!


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Apache Spark 2 With Scala – Hands On With Big Data! – FreeDownload


Download Udemy – Course with topic Apache Spark 2 With Scala – Hands On With Big Data! (with FREE E-Book). Get free download with link shared!

With this course, you have the chance to dive right in with over 20 hands-on examples of analyzing large data sets with Apache Spark. Everything is on your desktop or on Hadoop!

What you will learn from this course

  • Form big data analysis problems as Apache Spark scripts
  • Utilize the Scala programming language to develop distributed code
  • Modify Spark jobs through dividing, caching, and other unique techniques
  • Construct and execute Spark scripts on Hadoop clusters
  • Handle the continuous flows of data with Spark Streaming
  • Convert structured data with the help of SparkSQL and DataFrames
  • Use GraphX to learn how to traverse and analyze graph structures


  • Prior programming or scripting experience is compulsory. A crash course in Scala is included to pick up only when you grasp the basics of programming.
  • A desktop PC with a strong Internet connection. The course is created for both Windows users, MacOS and Linux ones.
  • The free software needed for this course is available, and I’ll show you how to download and install it.


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