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Is Yours An Intelligent Business? Learn AI & options as ‘No-Coding’ (Azure ML) | ‘Embedded AI’ (SAP) | ‘Coding'(Python)

What you’ll learn

  • Transform Into Intelligent Business
  • Options for Integrating Intelligence (AI)
  • ‘No-coding’ Option – Learn Basics of Azure ML
  • ‘Embedded AI’ Option – See In SAP
  • ‘Coding’ Option – Overview In Python
  • Value Additions To Your Business
  • Apply Scientific Methods & Techniques
  • Predict Through Scientific Analysis
  • Find Low Hanging Fruits For Conversion
  • Learn Thru – From ‘Natural Tone’ Of Instructor


  • Nothing specific
  • Some business experience is good to have.


It has been a growing concern for business leaders & managers and for project consultants & project leads on integrating the intelligence aspects into business processes.

Integrating intelligence in business processes is becoming the requirement of every business to scientifically visualize predictions. Another concern is the fitment about deciding on the different options of  ‘No-coding’ | ‘Embedded AI’ | ‘Coding’ that would fit the particular needs of a business.

This course helps in providing an overview on the growing importance of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) in business processes and in visualizing fitment of different options (or) combinations of them.

Who this course is for:

  • Business/Corporate Purchases Through Business Leaders, Owners, Managers, CEOs, CFOs, Consultants in SAP, Oracle, Azure, Python, Finance Heads, Sales & Marketing Heads, Business Planners, MBAs, Management Accountants,, SAP SD, SAP FICO, SAP BW, SAP MM
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