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How to Build an Army of Your Own $350/Day “Set It and Forget It” Affiliate Businesses

Let’s Jump into the Course Content
– There are 3 lessons in this course.

Lesson 1
In lesson 1 you will get a webinar recording that lasts about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Conventionally you’d get a series of videos based around 1 topic but not here.
Off the bat it seems that not much effort has been put into this course by just slapping in a recorded webinar.
Anyway, lesson 1 talks about Niche Selection & Niche Research. It tells you to how to get a domain name and choose an autoresponder. Then, traffic is discussed and uses two traffic sources – Facebook & Google. The model is simple and nothing you probably haven’t heard before – drive traffic from paid ads from Google and Facebook to a squeeze page, get them to sign up to your “free offer” then market them with automated email sequences.
In the Niche Research phase, you learn how to define your Avatar which really means – who is your audience. Things like age, gender, race, religion, Marital Status, job title – all are used to gear your marketing towards.
You’ll then learn about monetization and how to set up your campaigns to “set it and forget it”. Again, not a groundbreaking strategy and not something new. This is pretty much standard marketing using this one tactic.
He’s also put a list of “evergreen” niches together that you can choose from. This information is publicly available so you don’t need to pay for a course to get this.
You’ll also get a free funnel but will need to get a Clickfunnels account using Duston’s link. It’s a trade-off where he gives you a free funnel but you have to sign up using his affiliate link which gives him a commission.
You also get an “html” squeeze page which I find to be useless. Try editing that as a newbie.

Lesson 2
In lesson 2, you’ll get a 2 hour video which is another recorded webinar. The topics discussed are:
Organizing your research
Research continued
Advertising compliance
Click prices
In “Organizing Your Research”. Duston explains that you need to focus on the challenges and roadblocks that your audience is facing. He uses an example of weightloss where some example challenges might be – too hard to diet, not much time, spouse not on board, etc.
Identifying a problem and providing a solution to that problem is really how you make money in affiliate marketing. So this example is a good one however don’t get into the weight loss niche as a newbie – you’ll be discouraged due to the extreme competition here. The example explains it well though.
In “Research Continued” this is where you will research the affiliate products that you’ll be offering to your identified niche. Clickbank, Amazon books & Magazines are discussed as tools to find products to sell.
In the “Advertising Compliance” section, Duston goes over all the legal stuff like including a phone number, physical address, terms of service, privacy policy, etc. He also teaches you to not make direct or indirect claims when creating your content.
In “Click Prices” Duston provides an excel sheet dubbed the “affiliate funnel calculator” on cost per click prices for adverting your products on a platform like Google Ads. Here, he shows how you can still make the same or similar profit on clicks that cost 10 cents compared to ones that cost $1. This is all hypothetical though, and although the explanation makes sense in it’s simplest form, there are many variables involved to determine what your profit will be.

Lesson 3
Lesson 3 is another 2 hr recorded webinar. In this video he goes into detail about his 3-page website. It’s based on buyer psychology using sales persuasion techniques. Everything you have learned up to this point comes together in this training where you will create your site based on his template.
The template is basically a 3 step process (funnel) that takes your potential customer to a call to action at the end. It uses phychology to “hook” them into a purchase by building desire, anticipation and adding proof.
These steps are the essential builds ups to a successful campaign where if you can provide a solution to a problem and proves it works, then you could sell just about anything.
The template is provided to you in the course but you can tweak it however you wish.


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