Brendon Burchard – Influencer Business Program — Free download


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Influencer Business Program teaches you how to grow YOUR personal brand, create valuable and viral content, and grow your audience and online sales like a pro… even if you’re just beginning.

Want to build a personal brand and create digital offers, courses, coaching, or memberships? This is how to START and SCALE!

Join Influencer Business Program and you’ll learn:

  • What is the “modern thought leader business model”?
  • What marketing strategies grow your followers, sales and web traffic fastest?
  • How do you tell your story and build credibility?
  • What “sales outline” works for any video or web page.
  • What should you sell and HOW?
  • How do you create blockbuster content and online curriculum (for courses or memberships)?
  • Which “funnels” work best, and which should you avoid?
  • Why are “LAUNCHES” and webinars so effective, and how do you do them?
  • How do you find the HIGHEST-PAYING clients (versus browsers)?
  • Which social media explosion techniques really work to build a following NOW?
  • How do you get promotional partners?
  • When does an online challenge work better than an email launch?
  • Should I run ads? To what? When?
  • How do I create lifelong fans and buyers?


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