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Storytelling for Business & Social Media by John Ryan — SkillShare — Free download


Know why the “Impossible is nothing” Adidas campaign was so successful? Most would say that it wasn’t because of the technology or the attractiveness of their shoes, nor was it due to a sexy model perfectly sweaty and disheveled, dribbling the ball and revealing his ultra worked quadriceps that allow him to kick the ball with his magical cleat tearing a piece of grass thats greener than green, just as the scene is crowned with a powerful goal.

No, that’s not why this commercial was so successful. It was because it told a true story. So real and authentic, that it managed to touch and light up a section of the brain associated with our emotions (which frankly I don’t remember the name of), and made us feel an “Idunnowhat” which left the story of Messi, the concept of the campaign, and the brand impregnated in our memory for years.

Everyone remembers even today, (7 years after the commercial was published) that Messi had a problem with growth hormones. We all retained the moral in our minds that sometimes the bad isn’t always that bad and can even result in something positive. We were left with the phrase: “Impossible is nothing” resonating like a scream of glory in our ears, and since then we associate Adidas with that spirit.

Good: THAT is storytelling. What we can remember today, reveals the power of the story. So, we have to harness the power of social networks, not just to “share” content, but to “tell it”, and to “narrate” the brand. Don’t take social media platforms as ANOTHER distribution channel, but rather as a conversation channel, a transmission of experiences, feelings, values , dreams, failures, successes, truths , etc. . , Always respecting the nature of each social network.

Sincerely, hand over heart, 90% of consumers and potential consumers are not interested at all in marketing. They care about what the brand promises, how the message of this brand makes us feel, and how we’ll see ourselves along with the rest of society, consuming that brand.

What is it and why should brands use social media storytelling?
We could say, without going into epistemological details of the word, its use in the construction of the social imaginary, or its impact on culture and religion from ancient times of humanity, that for all intents and purposes in which marketers are involved in, storytelling is:

the “art” of giving shape and meaning to a piece of information that’s dull and boring.

In advertising, it’s also one of the most powerful tools of persuasion, that is, to combine an idea with an emotion. As stated by Christian Salmon in his book, storytelling is what allows brands and products to ‘un-thing-themselves’ so that they can actually speak and captivate.

A fantastic example of the purpose of “un-thinging” and captivating, is given by the biggest product of all: The GOOGLE search engine.

Using a campaign from Google India, they accomplished to make an excellent demonstration of the product, the way we do it today: with storytelling. I didn’t understand a single word of the dialogue that progressed throughout the commercial, but the images, the characters and their actions, were enough to take me through the narrative journey, captivate me, and fill me with excitement (yes, yes, yes. I cried. I confess.)


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