Build Timesheet Solution with PowerApps and SharePoint



Build Timesheet Solution with PowerApps & SharePoint — Udemy — Last updated 9/2020 — Free download


Real-Life Business Solutions Series: Build your own Timesheet Management App for your Office 365 Environment

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to create a real-life business solution with PowerApps / Microsoft Power Platform
  • Create free trial Office 365 E5 tenancy (if you don’t want to experiment in your production tenancy)
  • Prepare data sources for the Timesheet Management PowerApp solution with provided SharePoint list templates
  • Create required SharePoint lists, initialize necessary data, and create data connections for the PowerApp
  • Create the Timesheet Management PowerApp’s landing screen with buttons for different functions
  • Create the Timesheet Submission screen and submission form – select a week, select an approver, fill timesheet and submit
  • Create the View My Timesheets screen – to allow the employees to view their own timesheets securely
  • Create the Approve Timesheets screen – to allow the managers/approvers to approve timesheets
  • Create email notification functionality – to send automatic emails to approvers and employees
  • Create the Search Timesheets screen – to allow the app admins or Payroll officers to search all employees’ timesheets
  • Create People Picker control for Approver and Admins searching and selection
  • Create the Delete timesheets functionality for the App admins
  • Create the Timesheet Reporting function – to allow the app admins or Payroll officers to reprot on all timesheets
  • Create the App’s Settings screen – to allow the app admins to configure various settings of the app
  • Use variables, collections, galleries, tables, forms, data connections, and various PowerApps functions to build the whole solution
  • Integrate Timesheet Reports with the PowerApp
  • Test the Timesheet App with test data and end-to-end timesheet submission and approval workflow
  • Export and deploy the Timesheet Management solution in your production Office 365 tenancy


  • A basic understanding of Office 365 tenant
  • A basic understanding of PowerApps and SharePoint Lists
  • An Office 365 tenant to build the solution. We will show you how to create a free trial Office 365 tenant.

There are several courses on Udemy and all over the internet that will teach you what PowerApps is and how it works. But only a few that will teach you how to build real-life business solutions with PowerApps.

In this knowledge-packed course, you will learn exactly that. You will learn and build at the same time, a real-life Timesheet Management solution with Microsoft Power Platform, specifically with PowerApps in a step-by-step way. Timesheet management solutions are very popular and in demand for all kinds of businesses and organizations. So learning, building, and implementing the solution in your company will surely be a rewarding experience.

At the end of this course, you will have your very own Timesheet Management solution available and ready to deploy in your Office 365 environment. The course will also provide you with code templates, SharePoint list templates as well as partially built app templates that you can use to rapidly build the whole PowerApp and quickly deploy into your Office 365 environment.

Are you excited? Now let me mention that I expect that you have already used PowerApps and are familiar with the basics. We will be touching a lot of basics and concepts but the course will not be covering too many basic details. So even if you have used PowerApps only for a little while you should be fine. So lets get started and build our real-life business solution with PowerApps.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn PowerApps and implement the knowledge at the same time in their own production environment
  • Beginner PowerApps developers wanting to build real-life business solutions
  • Anyone wanting to learn medium to advanced concepts of PowerApps and other Power Platform tools
  • Anyone wanting to create business solutions using Microsoft Power Platform


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