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What You’ll Learn In World Class Coaching?


Laying the Foundation for Success
Before you can start coaching, you need to understand its foundations, including:

The Psychology of Coaching
Which is Which? Coaching vs. Consultation vs. Therapy
Why Do People Hire a Coach?
The Biggest Mistake New Coaches Make
Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

With these foundations in place, you’re ready to start building your coaching skills!


Basic Skills: Mastering the Fundamentals
What’s the main difference between mediocre coaches and the greatest in the world?
World-class coaches spend decades honing the fundamentals, including:

Laying the Foundation of the Coaching Relationship by Creating Psychological Safety
How to Ask Questions That Foster Deep Insight
What Most People Get Wrong About Active Listening
Finding Leverage to Help Get Your Clients Overcome Ambivalence and Take Action
How to Think Like a Scientist and Stop Making Assumptions
Identifying Blind Spots Holding You Back as a Coach
Learning to Operate in the Grey
Avoiding Rigidity and Learning to Adapt
Leveraging Pattern Recognition to Help Your Client Connect the Dots
The Art of Collaboration

Once you’ve got these down, you’re ready to move on to the next level of coaching!


Intermediate Skills: The Business of Coaching
You’ve developed the raw skills of how to coach. Now it’s time to learn the skills to become a coach, including:

Combining Fundamentals to Develop Fluidity
How to Land Your First Few Clients
Choosing the Right CRM
When Should You Create A Contract?
Pricing: Targeting Clients Who Can Afford Your Rates
Positioning: Clarifying What Kind of Coach You Want To Be, Who You Help, and How You Help Them
Dissecting Effective Discovery Calls
Understanding What Your Clients Actually Want From Coaching

Once you’ve put these skills into practice, it’s time to start making a name for yourself…


Advanced Skills: Becoming World-Class
By now, you know how to be an effective coach. But you need a few more skills to become a world-class coach, including:

How to Create Frameworks and Mental Models For Your Clients
Building a Value Ladder: 1:1, Group Coaching, Courses, Products, and More
How Great Coaches Attract Opportunities To Themselves
Permissionless Approaches to Coaching
Building Your Content Ecosystem To Attract Opportunities 24/7/365
How to Become The Best In The World At What You Do

With all these skills in place, you’re ready to go out and make a name for yourself as a world-class coach.

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