Corey Wilks – World-Class Coaching



Corey Wilks – World-Class Coaching

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Who is This Course For?

New Coaches Who Don’t Know Where to Start
Go from having no idea how to start coaching to having the confidence, skills, and specific strategies to get your first paying client.
No overwhelm trying to find good resources.
No uncertainty if what you’re learning actually works.
Just real strategies used by real coaches to help real people get real results.
Established Coaches Who Want to Level Up
Most coaches spend their entire careers drowning in mediocrity and charging way less than they’re worth.
In this course, you’ll learn strategies to set yourself apart from the competition and create systems that attract high-quality clients and opportunities to you.
If you’ve hit a plateau as a coach, or feel like you’re capable of doing more, this course can help.
Therapists Who Want to Break into Coaching
Tired of jumping through insurance hoops, outdated healthcare systems, and bullshit bureaucracy that gets in the way of you helping people?
Or maybe you know you’re capable of doing more with your expertise, but you’re burnt out only being allowed to help people survive instead of thrive.
This course will help you make the transition from just helping people function, to helping them flourish.
Perfect for Your Busy Schedule

Don’t have time to spend 5 weeks attending live classes that are scheduled at terrible times in your timezone?
Because this course is completely self-paced.
It’s full of video and text modules, plus exercises to help you apply the concepts.
So you can fit the course into your busy schedule:
Listen to a lesson on your morning run.

Watch a recording at lunch.

Practice an exercise while sitting at your favorite coffee shop.

This course fits around your life.
Not the other way around.


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