Danny Batista Live Edit 02 (02-12-2020)



Danny Batista Live Edit 02 (02-12-2020) — Only Fans — Free download


Learn how I get the perfect white balance in my raw editor (It’s not the eye dropper – that’s the worst way).

Learn how I analyze and use my histogram.

Learn the raw editing tools I use to prep my image for Photoshop (sharpening, local vector masks, luminosity adjustments, etc).

Learn how to choose the perfect radius for your frequency separation workflow in Photoshop.

Learn my stacked workflow for the most efficient and professional way to skin retouch.

Learn how I problem solve a body and face with clone stamp and mixer brush settings and tactics.

Learn some of the areas I contour with global dodging and burning to create the 3d pop in an image that everyone wants.


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