Drop-shipping Master Class by Shkaxoqwa Worsby


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Drop-shipping Master Class by Shkaxoqwa Worsby — Udemy — Last updated 11/2019 — Free download


Combine all essential elements and techniques that gonna get you sales

What you’ll learn

  • Create a domain name and link it to your store
  • Create a supporting email
  • Create a logo
  • Establish a professional Shopify store from scratch
  • Get to know the exact apps you will need for running your store and how to use them
  • Analyze the market demand using google analytics
  • how to get trendy items
  • Add products to your store
  • Create professional commercial videos
  • Establishing Facebook page
  • Find the right audience
  • Master advertising on Facebook\laser targeting
  • Fulfill your orders
  • Adjust the SEO
  • Merely insisting on a critical success

Welcome to my complete drop-shipping course, we are going to sink in deep of online trading, and we will face together every single issue that might face you when running an online dropshipping store.

My name is Worsby and I’ve been a successful online drop shipper since 2006 using Facebook platform.

I used to pick up a winning item from eBay and list it on my Facebook group as an open auction for two weeks, after calculating its cost to set the right starting bid price, and once I get the first bid I do order it to be ready to deliver to the winner at the end of the bidding cycle.

Then I did establish my Shopify store, at the beginning it wasn’t as I expected, and I thought it was going to be the easiest way to get rich, I felt disappointed at the beginning but I didn’t give up and I kept trying different items and strategies day by day until I made it and that led me to finally quit my job.

At the end of this course, you will own your profitable online store, with all essential knowledge you need to run any online business, I tried to cover and simplify all steps you might need to get your freedom.

Who this course is for:

  • Whether you are a beginner or expert, who have a desire to start from scratch or gain more knowledge to secure future.


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