Employer Branding on LinkedIn with Viveka von Rosen



Employer Branding on LinkedIn by Viveka von Rosen — Lynda — Released8/10/2020Free download


Is your company active on LinkedIn? Are your employees? Does the content you share accurately reflect your organization’s brand? By taking the time to optimize your presence on LinkedIn, you can attract talent, build your credibility, and promote your business. In this course, join LinkedIn expert Viveka von Rosen as she demonstrates how to build an effective and consistent company brand on LinkedIn. Viveka shows how to build a strong page, tell your story, share your culture, and turn employees into brand advocates that can help spread your message. Plus, learn best practices for driving engagement and creating content that amplifies your brand on LinkedIn.

Topics include:

  • Designing a strong company page
  • Driving engagement
  • Sharing content
  • Increasing followers
  • Best practices for employee profiles
  • Creating branding templates
  • Sharing your company culture


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