Entrepreneurship Book Summary Pack


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50 Most Popular Entrepreneurship Books Ever – Mani Vaya — Free download


300+ Actionable Strategies & Ideas to Scale your Business like a Pro
Extracted from the 50 Best Entrepreneurship Books

Get Concise Video Lessons from the 50 Most Popular Entrepreneurship Books Ever

The Entrepreneurship Book Summary Package IS

For You If
  • You are passionate about building a great business – not just playing around
  • You don’t allow outside forces to keep you down or tell you how to live your life
  • You are done playing “Wantrepreneur” and ready to take your business to the big leagues
  • You’re tired of being kept in the dark. You want to know what the people at the top know that you don’t
  • You are sick of people in your industry reaching higher levels of “success” when they aren’t smarter or better than you
  • You are fed up with wearing too many hats and feeling burnt out
  • You are tired of day-to-day operations that feel like a chore and not a breeze
  • You are ready to explode your business growth
  • You want to finally stop playing small and instead claim what you are worth
NOT for You If
  • You don’t have any ambition of building a great business
  • You’re too passive and don’t take any action
  • You want to figure it all out on your own
  •  You don’t like to get help from others in order to fast-track your success
  • You’re satisfied with where you’re at right now and don’t want to grow anymore
  • You don’t believe in the power of books or proven methods/strategies
  • You prefer grinding it out ….taking the slow and long route that leads you nowhere


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