Excel, Access and Presentation Skills


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Excel, Access & Presentation Skills — Udemy — Last updated 12/2020 — Free download


Learn Excel (Beginner+Advanced), Access (Beginner+Advanced), Data Analytics, VBA, Presentation Skills

What you’ll learn

  • 1) Learn to work on DATA and be an Expert in Management Information System.
  • 2) Learn to manage large DATABASES with Database Management System.
  • 3) Learn to build Forms and Automate your daily work with VBA.
  • 4) Learn to Analyze your DATA with various Analytical Techniques.
  • 5) These videos are available in English Language.
  • 6) Learn to read data through Conditional Formatting & Data Validation
  • 7) Learn to use formulas like IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH functions and many more
  • 8) Learn to analyse your DATA with DATA Analytics?


  • You should have a computer with MS-Office installed in it, so that you should be able to practice.
  • Students should understand English language.


Get everything in one course. We are a team of talented trainers making Job-Related Courses for young students & working professionals.

Our online video tutorials help you confidently list ‘Advanced Skills’ on your Resume.

Learn this course is extremely easy as all the videos are available in the English Language.

This course has everything you get in 5 different courses. Please check the content of our course before buying it.

1) Excel (Beginner+Advanced)

2) Access (Beginner+Advanced)

3) Data Analytics

4) VBA Programming

5) Presentation Skills

Who this course is for:

  • 1) Students who want to learn DATA Management Skills and DATA Analytics.
  • 2) Students who want to create a career in Management Information System.
  • 3) Students who want to learn Automation of DATA using VBA.
  • 4) Students who want to learn programming skills.
  • 5) Young professionals who are looking for a Job and want to upgrade their Communication and Data Management skills.


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