Fine Art Photography: Self-Portraits Filled with Symbolism Course by Lídia Vives



Fine Art Photography: Self-Portraits Filled with Symbolism Course by Lídia Vives — Domestika — Free download


Learn how to turn your feelings into artistic photographs that are full of emotion and personality

Self-portraits can serve as a means of introspection, and are a powerful way to transform your emotions into art. Lídia Vives, is a photographer who approaches her work as a painter with a canvas and uses metaphors to illustrate her thoughts and feelings. Instead of photo sessions, she creates unique artwork that are elaborated like a painting, abundant with symbolism.

In this course, learn how to create a fine art self-portrait representing a character or personal experience. Throughout the units, learn how to give shape to your ideas and original style to create unique pictorial portraits that are filled with emotion. Are you ready to tell your own story while being both the photographer and model?

Start by getting to know your teacher, photographer Lídia Vives, and how creating self-portraits has given her a way to express what cannot be said with words. She shows you the artists and art that influence her work, and the process you’ll follow to bring your final project to life.

Discover some renowned self-portrait artists and analyze what characterizes their work. Explore your personal style and learn how to find inspiration to create your own mood board. Plan your photos and look for your atrezzo to bring it to fruition.

Next it’s time to start producing your session. First, see the materials you need, how they work, and when to use them. Prepare the set with art direction in mind. Lastly, Lídia teaches you some tricks to strike the perfect pose and start shooting.

Once the session is finished, upload your photos on Camera Raw to then move onto editing them on Photoshop. See the different ways of saving your original photos and to finish, evaluate the different options to print your artwork.

What is this course’s project?

Create fine art self-portraits where you can represent a character, or a personal experience. Create your photos in the same space with different perspectives: one that is closed to explore facial expressions and another that is open, to work on your pose.


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