From Idea to E-Commerce Brand Masterclass


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From Idea to E-Commerce Brand Masterclass — Udemy — Last updated 11/2020 — Free download


Materialize your idea into a physical product ready to launch on shopify

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the current retail landscape & essential concepts (DtoC, DNVB)
  • Find the right product to sell & evaluate its e-commerce viability
  • Test your idea & validate your market
  • Build a prototype, source & select the right manufacturers
  • Placing your first order & quality control
  • Build a strong brand
  • Set up your store and operations
  • Set up a launch campaign


  • No requirements. Simply your motivation and personal work that you will put into this business.


This course is for those dreaming of launching a product-based brand but don’t know how & where to start. This course is for those who already have an idea but also for those who don’t yet have an idea and need guidance in brainstorming for potential products to sell. This is a complete course which covers how to go from an idea and actually materializing it into a physical product ready to launch on your own Shopify online store.

I’ve developed a framework to follow with clear actions to take in order to guide you with tangible steps to take in order to bring you to the end goal: actually launching your brand. This course contains valuable learnings condensed in two hours, covering:

  • Adopting the right mindset, because it’s the basis to succeed
  • Understand the retail landscape and how it’s changing thanks to digital & technology
  • How to identify and validate a product to sell
  • How to identify your customer target
  • How to plan your business and finance it
  • How to manufacture your product yourself or through outsourced manufacturing
  • How to source manufacturers, select the right one and place your order
  • How to undertake quality control
  • How to build a brand and great packaging
  • How to set up operations, including order fulfillment and customer service
  • How to launch your brand

By the end of the course you will have:

  • A physical branded product ready to sell
  • A unique brand and packaging to ship your orders
  • A shopify store designed with your brand guidelines and ready to receive orders
  • An audience of potential customers on the social media of your choice (ideally instagram)
  • An email list of potential customers interested in your product before launch

You’ll also get a workbook which recaps the key learnings for each module, templates and additional ressources to deep dive into certain topics.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs seeking to launch a beauty, fashion, food, accessories, or any consumer product-based business
  • Students seeking to know more about branding, essential retail concepts and ecommerce


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