Game Theory Algorithms in Competitive Programming (Version 2021)



Game Theory Algorithms in Competitive Programming (Version 2021) Download now

This hands-on course is designed for everyone to learn & implement Game Theory concepts to solve Competitive Programming Challenges. You will learn how approach Game Theory based questions involving – Nim Game, Sprague Grundy Theorem, Subtraction Games, Combinatorial Games, Graph Games, Take-away games! The course involves both breadth and depth of these topics with enough examples and hands-on coding for each problem.

Competitive programming or Sport Programming is a mind sport usually, involving participants trying to program according to provided specifications. Competitive programming is recognised and supported by several multinational software and Internet companies, such as Google and Facebook. Popular Competitive Programming platforms include Codeforces, Codechef, HackerEarth, HackerRank, Spoj and more! This course is designed for both beginners and advanced programmers looking forward to take the next leap in Competitive Programming!

Participation in programming contests can increase student enthusiasm for computer science studies. The skills acquired in ICPC-like programming contests also improve career prospects, which often require candidates to solve complex programming and algorithmic problems on the spot.

This comprehensive course is taught by Apaar Kamal, who is a highly successful competitive coder and popular bootcamp Udemy Instructor and has taught thousands of students in several online and in-person courses over last 2+ years. This is deep-dive course, we not just delve into theory but focus on the practical aspects by solving multiple game theory problems of various difficulty levels.

The course starts with basics of Game Theory and then diving deeper topics! Here are some of the topics that you will learn in this course.

Combinatorial Games

Take-away Games

N/P Positions

Game of Nim


Applications of Nim-Sum

Similar Nim-Games

Games as Graphs

Sprague Grundy Function

Sprague Grundy Theorem

20+ Problems with Code

Who this course is for
College students pursuing Computer Science or related degrees
Programmers preparing for Competitive Programming competitions
Students who want to deep-dive into Algorithms & Game Theory
Students preparing for ACM-ICPC, IOI, Facebook HackerCup etc


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