Have Your Way With Words by Jon Buchan



Jon Buchan – Have Your Way With Words — Charm Offensive — Free download



Learn how to write more entertaining copy. You too can have your way with words.

  • Write disarming and entertaining copy.
  • Use a wide range of joke formulas to misdirect readers, leading to smirks, smiles, and laughs.
  • Use rhetorical devices and other stylistic devices to add punch to every line you write.
  • Write blog posts, emails, social media content, social media adverts, satirical content and more…
  • Add your own personality and build your own distinct style of writing.
  • A whole range of exercises to help you become a more competent and confident writer.

Plus a pack of templates for writing articles, satire, cold pitches, social media ads, broadcast emails, and social media content that entertains, educates, and sells.


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