HeartWave Meditation™



HeartWave Meditation™ — IawakeTechnologies — Free download


Beyond the Brain: For Engaging the Heart & the Entire Energetic System

The HeartWave Meditation™  contains very powerful frequencies specifically arranged to speak the language of the Heart. One of our most beloved set of tracks.

The unique formula of HeartWave Meditation™  is designed to facilitate opening your heart’s innate compassion and to support you in experiencing:

  • Calming of the mind
  • Emotional release
  • Opening of the heart
  • Fully feeling one’s feelings
  • Deeper intuition
  • Heightened creativity
  • Your heart’s inmost wisdom and discernment

HeartWave Meditation™  may also benefit:

  • Releasing stress
  • Heightened physical and mental well-being
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Profound movie and music experience (when played soundlessly)


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