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Zack Browman – High Status Humor — Free download


Hey have you heard this one?

It’s a great joke…

But what’s more interesting, is what it says about how women respond to certain types of humor…

Marilyn Monroe said:

“If you can make a girl laugh, You can make her do anything…

…and by “make her do anything” she didn’t mean making her paint your apartment.

She meant you can make her do anything…in bed.

This is a powerful statement from the most desired woman of her time…

It would be the same as Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, or Jessica Biel saying it today

But is it true?

It’s no secret that all women say they want a guy with a great sense of humor

But have you ever noticed that most comedians aren’t exactly Don Juans even though “sense of humor” is the #1 quality women say they want in a man?

Most guys make the mistake of thinking women will respond to just ‘any old type of humor’


  • they try their hardest to crack jokes whenever she’s around
  • they search their minds frantically for the next ‘witty comment’ in every conversation
  • they try to predict what SHE thinks will be funny and cater their jokes to her
  • they’ll do ANYTHING for a laugh thinking the more jokes they get in, the better

But sadly, not only are these strategies unnecessary, they actually HURT your chances with women…

They make you appear needy and desperate for her attention and approval

Just like a clown…

And Bozo isn’t exactly who a woman’s picturing when she takes out her vibrator.

Because the truth is…

Not ALL types of Humor are attractive to women

The reason so many comedians do so poorly with women…

Even though “sense of humor” is the #1 thing women look for in a man…

Is that most comedians use THE WRONG TYPE OF HUMOR

And you’re about to discover how to use the RIGHT type of humor:

  • to turn any woman on
  • lower her defenses
  • and make her see YOU as the sexual and romantic fantasy she’s only dreamed about

You’re also going to learn…

  • A rejection-proof way to start conversations with any woman, no matter how hot, by getting her laughing right off the bat before she even has time to think of rejecting you
  • How to joke around with a girl in a way most guys wouldn’t even think of… making you stand out above every man she’s met
  • How to use humor to exploit a hidden ‘glitch’ in the female brain that causes women to project attractive traits onto you

And if a girl you like sees you as ‘just a friend’…

You’re going to learn how to get her laughing in a way that changes her perception of you so she sees you in a whole new light.

I’m also going to share with you the biggest mistake most guys make when trying to be funny which causes their humor to ‘backfire’ and ruins their chances with women.

And, the easy 3-step formula for creating humor in any situation.


I and my close circle of friends have been using the techniques you’re about to learn for the past three years to give us a ‘competitive edge’ over other guys.

We figured it was time to ‘share the wealth’

But we didn’t want these secrets to become ‘too popular’ and dilute their power.

After all, it’s not an advantage if everyone has it.

So we decided the only way to keep these techniques from getting ‘overused’ was to limit the number of guys who could see this page in each region.

If you read this entire page, you’ll be one of the few men who will ever know these secrets.

But if you choose to leave, I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to see it in the future.

So read it now while you have the chance because at any moment, it could be gone for good.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way let’s get into it…

When it comes to women, all humor falls into one of two categories:

There’s the type of humor that turns women ON…

And the type of humor that turns them OFF.

To understand the difference take a look at the following two comedic actors:

Vince Vaughn

…and Rob Schneider

Which one of these guys does better with women?

Vince Vaughn is known for being good with women and has dated some of the most desired women in the world.

Rob Schneider on the other hand isn’t really known as a ‘sex symbol’.

Ask most girls if they’d like to sleep with Rob Schneider and they’ll think you’re joking.


They’re both wealthy and successful

Vince Vaughn isn’t any better looking (not anymore anyway)

…and they’re both funny

So why is Vince Vaughn considered sexy while Rob Schneider isn’t?

It’s because Vince Vaughn uses a kind of humor that projects confidence and sex appeal.

And Rob Schneider uses a kind of humor that projects goofiness and insecurity

Vince Vaughn knows a secret that very few men know:

He knows that when done RIGHT, humor doesn’t just make women laugh, it turns them on as well.


The way you joke around with a woman is a BIG indication of what kind of guy you are

A guy who’s confident, relaxed, and ‘desirable’ jokes around in a very different way than a guy who’s nervous, insecure, and ‘needy’.

And by imitating the type of humor that confident, high status guys use, you can project those qualities of confidence and sex appeal that drive women wild.

And women will have no choice but to get turned on and become attracted to you.

It’s like always having your finger on a woman’s remote control ignition button.

So you can turn her on “on command” wherever and whenever you want.

Whether you just met her… Or you’ve known her for years.

I call the ‘attractive type’ of humor that guys like Vince Vaughn use:

High Status Humor

It’s the kind of effortless humor guys who DOMINATE with women have been using for years to steal the hottest girls right from under other guys’ noses.

Since it’s easy to come up with in any situation, High Status Humor always comes across effortless and spontaneous (more on that in a moment).

And though she may not have a name for it when a woman says she wants a guy with a great sense of humor, it’s ‘High Status Humor’ she’s talking about

My name’s Zach Browman

When I discovered High Status Humor three years ago, I went from not being noticed at all, to dating the kind of women most guys only dream about.

And though I was excited about the results I was getting I was a little concerned:

I noticed some unusual reactions in the women I used it with…

And my suspicions were confirmed in 2010 when the results of a 3-year study involving over 1000 women were published by Dr. David Buss and Dr. Cindy Meston

The study was published under the title: “Why Women Have Sex” and it provides a unique window on what women are really thinking about sex.

These scientists found that humor is such a strong determinant of who a woman has sex with they dedicated a whole section to it.


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