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Become A Pro Day Trader With The 90 Day IKNK Trading Accelerator
15 Year Veteran Day Trader Cameron Fous And His Top Student Mathew Sentes Guide You Every Step of the Way On Your Path To Financial Freedom
What’s It Like To Be An IKNK Trader?

Systematic Daily Profit Goal Strategy ( Cameron and Matt Both had record 15k and 21k Days)

Freedom To Travel And Work Anywhere in the world.

We Only Trade The Market Open (90 Minutes)

​Freedom To Add More Income Streams to your life

The System
No matter the market conditions. Whether the economy is in meltdown and stocks are falling. Or stocks are ripping and making all time highs. I’ve been through it all and My system is designed to use different strategies and adapt to any environment the market throws at us with our programs FOUS4, x2, & x3.
Mindset Shift
What most people don’t realize is that successful trading is mostly about mastering your mind and discipline. We are the only Trading education company with a full 7 Hour Course helping you achieve Self Mastery. This is our game changing CLOUD9 Program.
Mentors + network
Tony Robbins Said it best..”If you want to be successful at something, find someone who has already done it and learn exactly how they did it.” Having a mentor is literally unlocking “God Mode” and takes out the guess work in life!
We meet 3x/week in Our Group Mentor classes


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