Infopreneur: Create Information Products and Online Courses


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Infopreneur: Create Information Products and Online Courses Download Now

Turn your knowledge, experience & passion into profits. Create, package & sell an information product or online course

What you’ll learn
Turn your knowledge and passion in to profit
DECIDE WHAT TO TEACH: Identify what knowledge, expertise, skill or passion you have that you can teach others
PACKAGE KNOWLEDGE: Brain-dump all of your knowledge and turn it into organized content, then break it down into teachable material
DESIGN CURRICULUM: Develop the content for your product, including a full curriculum and lesson plan
Identify what types of INFORMATION PRODUCTS work best for you
PUBLISH MATERIAL: Learn tools and tips for producting and publishing your content and turning it into sellable information products or online courses
MARKET AND SELL: Explore examples, resources, and strategies for creating a marketing strategy and distribution your information products to your ideal clients
Have a burning desire or curiocity to share their wisdom
The ability to print worksheets
We live in the information age, and in this course we will show you how to capitalize on the infinite possibilities by creating an online business through INFORMATION PRODUCTS.
In this course we’re going to teach you everything you need to become an INFOPRENEUR!
• Identify what valuable knowledge, skills or wisdom that others will pay you for
• Organize your knowledge and package it into teachable material
• Develop a full curriculum or content for your information product
• Determine what types of information products will work for you
• Create a strategy for marketing and distributing your information product
• See how you can create a thriving online business with information products or online courses
An infopreneur is someone who takes information out of their head (or from other materials) and turns it into a product or program through which they can teach this knowledge to another person.
The good news is that literally ANYONE can be an infopreneur. You can become an infopreneur if you:
• Have EXPERTISE, knowledge, experience or wisdom to share in a particular industry, business, career or hobby
• Have a TALENT or SKILL that you can teach others that would offer them a shortcut to a higher level of skill.
• Have the SOLUTION to someone else’s problem.
Why become an infopreneur?
• You add value to the world by sharing your passion or wisdom
• You can create passive income, side income, or additional rev. streams
• You can work from home and create freedom
• Lowest startup costs of any business.
• This is the RIGHT TIME-technology in place to make it easy for you.
• According to the experts, the information products market will continue to increase exponentially in the coming years, as more people gain access to the internet all over the world.
So, are you ready to transform your life, create more freedom, and create passive income as an Infopreneur? If so enroll now, we look forward to seeing you in the course!
Who this course is for?
You are an EXPERT in your field or hobby and could teach others what you know
You have a specialized career with years of EXPERIENCE that could offer others in your industry a SHORT CUT
You want to make a SIDE INCOME or become SELF-EMPLOYED
You are an ENTREPRENEUR or small business owner and are looking for ADDITIONAL REVENUE streams
You have a PASSION you would love to share
You want to learn how to create a digital INFORMATION PRODUCT to sell online
You want to create an ONLINE COURSE
You want to make passive and residual income


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