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The Seduction Roadmap Training Program consists of five multi-media training modules, which you get INSTANT ACCESS to. In each of these modules, I’ll take you step-by-step through the entire Seduction Roadmap process in great detail. You’ll get detailed explanations of each component of the Seduction Roadmap as well as TONS of examples and strategies of how to apply the Seduction Roadmap in the Real World.

Each module consists of a training video, and audio download of each module and transcript so you’re covered no matter what your learning style is.

You’re also going to get an accompanying pdf action guide with each module containing simple homework assignments and exercises for you do to make sure that you master the Seduction Roadmap and are able to apply it when you find yourself talking to a girl you’re attracted to.

Here’s exactly what we’re going to be covering in each of the training modules:
Seduction Roadmap Training Module #1: How To Completely Eliminate Sexual Anxiety
The first training session is all about the Inner Game of Seduction. There are a few, simple mindsets that you’re going to need to adopt if you want a life of sexual abundance, and we’re going to be covering these mindsets and HOW to get them in this training session.
We’re also going to tackling the topic of sexual anxiety in this module. Sexual anxiety is one thing that may currently be crippling your love life. Once you get it handled, you’ll open up an entire world of sexual options for yourself. I’ve helped literally hundreds of guys with sexual anxiety get rid of it relatively quickly and I’m going to show you the exact process I use with them in this session.

Seduction Roadmap Module #2: Creating Sexual Attraction
This module is all about everything you need to become a master at creating sexual attraction, which is the first step of the Seduction Roadmap.
You’re some of what we’ll be covering in this module:
– How to convey your sexuality without even saying a word!
– How to quickly get the conversation focused on the girl so you can let the Seduction Roadmap work its magic!
– How to create red hot sexual attraction in a matter of seconds!
– The right time… and the wrong time… to bring up the topic of sex and sexuality!
– How to make that girl you’re talking to so comfortable that she’ll just assume that sex is eventually going to happen!
– And much more!

Seduction Roadmap Module #3: The Art of Setting Sexual Frames
The third module is all about setting sexual frames. A “frame” is simply the context of any interaction. When you set the proper sexual frames you are simply creating a context where sex with you is something that the girl wants to do and it’s something that she’s comfortable doing.
To put it another way, when you set the proper sexual frames, all the barriers for the girl to have sex with you melt away. There are fourteen different frames and I’ll go over every one of them in detail in this session.

Seduction Roadmap Module #4: Unleashing Her Sexual Side
When you unleash the sexual side of the girl you’re talking to, you’re allowing her to see herself as a sexual person and this lets that sexual side come out to play. You probably know that all girls have a part of them that is a little bit “naughty.” In this module, I’m going to give you all the tools you need to bring out this naughty side. This is very easy to do as well. As long as you’re able to follow a simple recipe, you’ll have everything you need to bring out the wild, sexual side of any girl you’re attracted to.
I’m also going to show you how to convey your own sexual side to the girl so she’ll see you as someone who she wants to have sex with. When you unleash the girl’s sexual side and convey your own sexual side to the girl, the end result is that the girl is going to be super-comfortable with you escalating the interaction towards sex. It’s as if both of you are on the same team with the common goal of ending up naked under your covers. Does that sound good? I sure hope so.
When you unleash the girl’s sexual side, you don’t have worry about the girl feeling uncomfortable when you escalate the interaction towards sex because she’s going to be on your side the whole time! So there will be no more being ashamed of your sexual desires. You’ll be able to finally be the sexual, confidant man that you were meant to be.

Seduction Roadmap Module #5: Non-Verbal Seduction
In this session, you’re going to discover my secrets for getting sexual with the girl you’re attracted to without even saying a word. This is all about how to use body language and how to touch a girl so your conversation always moves towards sex.
Setting sexual frames and unleashing the girl’s sexual side make up most of the verbal components of the Seduction Roadmap. This section makes up the non-verbal components. When your verbal communication and non-verbal communication are on the same page, getting laid is really easy.


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