Kevin King – Freedom Ticket


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Kevin King – Freedom Ticket

Freedom Ticket – Kevin King’s How to Sell on Amazon FBA Training | 23.9 GB

All 8 sections and 60 Modules of Amazon A to Z (21 hours of training) 6: 3 months of weekly Q&A Webinars with Kevin (13 weeks)
BONUS 7: Access to Live Product Selection & Keyword Research Webinar

In this course you will learn 11 of Freddy King’s classic blues guitar instrumentals from the early sixties.   I will take you through each verse of every song and teach it – as best I can – note for note from the original recordings.   In the process, I will help you to mine a virtual “King’s Treasure” of licks and ideas from Freddy’s seemingly inexhaustible blues guitar vocabulary.

The introduction includes a brief overview of Freddy’s style and includes short lessons on the chords he used, his thumb-finger right-hand technique, soloing positions, and the Freddy King sound/tone.  I also have a short video listing what I think are the best Freddy King CDs and vinyl albums for you purchase in order to hear the original recordings of the tunes I will teach

   I then go through each of the 11 tunes,

verse-by-verse,  teaching the introduction, main melody lick, solos, and end tags for each song.   I break down the solo verses in each song phrase-by-phrase to help you understand and learn each individual lick Freddy used.   In places where I do not know, or am not sure, about what Freddy played, I offer my best “educated-guess.”    Complete, downloadable, TABS are available for EACH verse of EACH song along with a Freddy King Chord Chart and other resources to help you understand how to play what he played.

This first volume of lessons focuses on Freddy’s “more approachable” instrumental tunes – grouped by the key they are played in and generally progressing, in order, from easiest to more difficult.   Tunes taught in this volume are ”

These lessons will keep you busy learning new licks and ideas for hours!  You can also use most of what you learn in these lessons to figure out many of Freddy Kings’ other licks and solos – on his vocal tunes and instrumentals!


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