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5-day Crash Course On Building An Organic (Zero Ad Spend/Zero Spam) B2B Lead Generation System Using LinkedIn

  • Create a laser targeted list of people you can actually connect with who match your ideal client profile
  • Build an outreach campaign that leverages our structured (30 to 45 minutes per-day) process
  • Use the QUAD method to develop mutually valuable relationships with key decision makers 
  • Discover how to measure, track, and achieve your outreach KPIs so you hit your sales goals
In this course we’ll cover…
The Money-Client Matrix

Find your LinkedIn lead generation sweet spot so your outreach campaign is built to succeed from day-1

80/20 Your LinkedIn Outreach

Use the “boolean hack” to rapidly build an outreach list of contacts who are on LinkedIn and fit your ideal client profile

Your LinkedIn Campaign Calendar

Structure and schedule your LinkedIn outreach campaign so you know who to talk towhen to talk to them, and what to say

The QUAD Messaging Method

Leverage The Messaging Method that will build trust with your prospective clients and position you as a valued industry peer

Outreach KPIs And  Your Sales Goals

Track and measure your outreach so you know how your campaign is preforming and how to achieve your sales goals

5 Modules | 5 Lessons | 4 Exclusive Resources |  2 Hours of Content


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