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Long Tail Deep Dive with Jon Dykstra — Fat Stacks — Free download


=> Are you tired of spinning your wheels publishing excellent content but not ranking because the competition is too stiff?

= >Are you looking for ways to discover hundreds of “under-the-radar” topics that the competition doesn’t cover?

=> Do you prefer focusing on creating epic content over spending time and money on building links?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, my Long Tail Deep Dive course is for you.

Long Tail Deep Dive sets out in detail the MANY methods (10 of them) I use to find unlimited low competition keywords for my niche sites.

Why low competition keywords?

Because I don’t like link building. I attract links (another benefit of targeting long tail keywords), but I don’t like spending time and money on building risky links from questionable sites (and let’s face it, sites that accept guest posts from most services are questionable).

Don’t get me wrong, I love SEO traffic but I don’t love SEO in the traditional sense.
For many people, SEO is synonymous with “link building”. I don’t like link building. It’s risky, expensive, time-consuming and for me not very fun.
I’m a content publisher. That’s what I love, but I can’t earn a living doing something just because it’s fun. It also has to work… as in get traffic.
That’s where long tail keyword research comes in to play.
For years I believed you had to build links in order to rank keywords and get traffic from Google.
What I discovered was that while links definitely work, my sites ranked for a lot of keywords in articles that had no inbound links. They just happened to rank by themselves. Talk about an eye-opener and game-changer for my publishing business.
That’s when I decided I would focus on finding more keywords that I could rank for without having to build links.
The key was and is finding low competition keywords with some search volume relevant to my niche.
I started spending hours, then days and ultimately weeks doing keyword research. Over time I developed systematic keyword research methods I could use to uncover dozens, hundreds or even thousands of keywords in any niche.
To this day my list of articles to be published grows faster than I can get them written and that’s because I’ve come up with 8 proven methods to uncover thousands of low competition keywords for my niche sites (I’m in several niches).
This course (Long Tail Deep Dive) sets out all 10 methods via video tutorials. My videos step you through every detail to uncover a seemingly unlimited cache of low competition keywords for your niche.
I do this stuff for a living.

My sites together haul in 1 million+ monthly visitors FROM GOOGLE SEARCH ALONE – all without any serious link building.


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