Master Your Html5 and Css3 Skills with Next Level Projects



Master Your Html5 and Css3 Skills with Next Level Projects — Udemy — Last updated 2/2021 — Free download


Upgrade your html and CSS skills to next level with these killer projects

What you’ll learn

  • Create Professional landing pages
  • Create beautiful hover effects
  • Master your html5 and CSS3 skills
  • Upgrade your skills to next level


  • Basic html and CSS knowledge
  • A PC or Laptop
  • A strong desire to learn


This course contains some of the best effects to put on your website to make your website looks more professional and more stunning. The course includes:

1) Border effect on hover

2) Fadeaway hover effect

3) Detail box hover effect

4) Rotating card hover effect

5) Zoom out hover effect

6) CSS Tabs tutorial

7) Queries page

8) Netflix landing page

9) Gym website

10) Car renting website

11) Car selling website

In the starting modules, there are some basic effects that can be done with CSS to give you an extra edge to develop websites more professionally. Then the later modules include designing the whole landing page of Netflix, Gym, Car renting, and Car selling websites.

Even if you’re a beginner you can learn a lot of HTML and CSS from the landing page tutorial modules of this course.

These later modules will sharpen your HTML and CSS skills as they are created with the help of pure HTML and CSS. This is the best and most valuable course on Udemy. You just have to trust yourself and start this course and in the end, you will see how great you can do this too.

This course is for a basic and intermediate level web designer.

If you have any doubt, just ask me and I will help you as soon as possible.

Thank you…

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner level of front end web designer.
  • Intermediate level of front end web designer.


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