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1. Meet Your Instructor
Get to know critically acclaimed author Walter Mosley as he teaches you how to rethink genres, push boundaries in fiction, and get to work on your novel.

2. Walter’s Process: Writing Every Day
Rule number one: Write every day. Walter explains why this rule is nonnegotiable.

3. Developing Fictional Characters
Easy Rawlins is a legend. Learn what it takes to create a strong character using Walter’s most famous protagonist.

4. Story vs. Plot
Learn the key differences between story and plot and how to create a compelling plot to drive the reader forward.

5. Narrative Voice, Point of View, and Dialogue
Every story has multiple sides. Learn the various narrative voices, what is best for your story, and the importance of dialogue.

6. Descriptive and Vivid Language
Good writing comes alive in the reader’s mind. Walter teaches you how to use imagery, metaphors, similes, and more to create a vivid world.

7. Using Poetry to Understand Language
Explore how poetry can aid in understanding language through three poems Walter has chosen.

8. Fiction, Race, and Representation
Representation in fiction is a reflection of our culture. Walter explains the importance of existing in literature and what inspired him to create his most famous protagonist: Easy Rawlins.

9. Genre and “Rules” of Fiction
Rethink genres and their limitations with Walter as he discusses the possibilities of pushing the boundaries.

10. Surviving the Publishing Industry
The publishing industry can be daunting. Walter provides tips on how to get the most out of your connections, face the prejudices, and come out on top.

11. Discovering Yourself Through Writing
Fiction can be a means for self-discovery. Walter teaches you how to write from your heart.

12. Living a Creative Life
Making a deep commitment to the creative life doesn’t have to serve others. Walter explains why it’s important to create for yourself.

13. Walter’s Most Important Thing


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