Mindset to Win and Influence by Jose Ucar



Mindset to Win and Influence — Udemy — Published 10/2020 — Free download


Learn to win and positively influence people through the power of a winning mindset.

What you’ll learn

  • Mindset: Find & Unleash your Excellence.
  • Understanding how we create our reality.
  • Our thinking patterns and how they influence our view of the world.
  • How we do, what we do: Sequences of thoughts.
  • Gain flexibility: There is more than one perspective.
  • Setting outcomes and understanding their impact.
  • Self-Alignment: Finding the best version of ourselves.
  • [Bonus] – Training Manual with additional information and exercises.
  • Be open and ready to learn.

Here is where your journey as an Outstanding Communicator begins.

This is the first module (Mindset) of my signature training program. Module 2 is all about Communication 1-2-1 and Module 3 Public Speaking. Check them out.

Unlock your full potential to achieve your most desired goals:

  • Talk your way up the business ladder.

Learn how to connect and make the most out of your human interactions within any business environment.

  • Become the influential leader people look up to.​

Learn the communication skills to lead and positively influence other individuals, teams and entire organisations.

  • Grow your personal brand and your business.​​

Become a holistic business owner capable of successfully promoting yourself and your brand via different channels.

  • Create enriching and long-lasting relationships.

Acquire the ability to build a climate of trust and openness where human interactions thrive.

  • Achieve anything you set your mind to.

80% of your success depends on your Mindset and Communication Skills, exactly what this training course is about.

Join me on this transformational journey.

Who this course is for:

  • This is for any person looking for success and change. If you are a manager, business owner, ambitious employee, you have just graduated and are looking for a job…


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