Modern Day Copy with Dan Henry


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Dan Henry – Modern Day Copy — Free download



  • The 3 COMPLIANT angles I’ve used to make millions on FB Ads. I still use these angles to scale AND stay on the good side of FB. You’ll get to see multiple real life examples inside ($997 Value).
  • ​​The 5 MDC email frameworks that creates a buyer frenzy over your offer. The demand you create will make people salivate and rush to get your offer! I’ve used this framework to book high ticket sales calls and run evergreen campaigns that sell. Works in any industry. ($997 Value).
  • ​Story Time With Dan: How to write GREAT stories that paint a picture in your prospects mind! And makes them whip out their wallets afterwards! ($997 Value).
  • ​Dialogue Copy Secrets: My secret to always knowing what to say on camera, without babbling like a bafoon. I use this to bust out high-converting mini-VSLs and ads like clockwork! ($497 Value).
  • ​Youtube Ad Madness: Struggling with Youtube Ads? Follow this simple system to create super short but super effective Youtube Ads that scale! ($497 Value).
  • ​Compliant Conversion: New Advanced Compliance training updated for 2020! If you run any ads online then this training is MANDATORY for succeeding online. Get those ads approved while still converting, win appeals, get your accounts back, and more! ($997 Value).
  • ​BONUS: Millionaire Mindset Reprogramming: Learn 3 Mindset hacks that will allow you to see the world, your business, and your goals through the lens of a millionaire… so you can become one FASTER! (Priceless)
  • ​SUPER MEGA BONUS: Attend this training LIVE and ask questions during the stream! I’ll even bring a few people on and critique their copy! Plus get the full recordings with unlimited access!

TOTAL VALUE OF $4,985!!!


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