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Alex Charfen – Momentum Masterclass 2019 — Free download


Ready To Make The Greatest Contributions In The World, In Your Relationships, And In Your Business?

I’ll Show You How To Build Momentum, Unshakeable Confidence, And Eliminate Overwhelm With The Momentum Masterclass

If you feel like you’re not living your life, running your business, and maintaining your relationships at the highest level, this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

As entrepreneurs, we have the entire world coming at us, leaving many of us dealing with high pressure and noise and possibly even feeling completely overwhelmed.
Turning it off is impossible.  Let’s be honest, you really don’t even want to turn it off.
That isn’t enough for us.
Even with everything we have to work through on a daily basis, we’ve made the decision that we want to have a massive positive impact on the world and still keep our health, our relationships, and our business in momentum at the same time.
For many of us, white knuckling and forcing ourselves to work through the pressure and noise that surrounds us is all too common.
I see it all the time with coaching students from all walks of life, levels of wealth, and experience. 
For years, I’ve been obsessed with not only understanding what the most successful entrepreneurs are doing to make the greatest contributions in the world, but taking what they do and implementing into my own life and the lives of my students.
The Momentum Masterclass was born out of a necessity. Not only for me to show up and be present for my family, my team, and in my business and my life, but to help other people just like us see how they can achieve the same things — and how they’re probably already on the road to doing it.
What most entrepreneurs lack is a proven system that helps them eliminate overwhelm in their lives, offload where they’re uncomfortable, and build empowered teams that see the vision and help you reach your ultimate destination.
We need a proven system that can be customized to our own goals and desires, instead of a one-size-fits-all program that tries to fit us into a nice, neat box that only ends up creating more overwhelm.
One that takes your unique challenges and lets you build the system around what you’re facing right now in your life, your relationships, your health, and your path to creating wealth.
The Momentum Masterclass is the system I use not only in my own life, but the system that my successful 7-figure, 8-figure, and 9-figure entrepreneur clients use in their lives, too.


Here’s a few promises I’ll make to you right now…
  • ​The Momentum Masterclass will help you see how to get more done every day…. while reducing overwhelm, offload where you’re uncomfortable, and empowers you to make your greatest contributions in life, your health, your business, and your relationships.
  •  You will learn how to get into momentum (even if you’ve been in momentum before and feel like you’ve lost it), while getting crystal clear on your long-term goals, and building an actionable path to take you from where you’re at right now to your ultimate end-goal.
  •  You will have the tools to completely customize the Momentum Masterclass to your unique strengths.  I’ve tried a lot of programs and performed exhaustive research, and I know that a one-size-fits-all program just doesn’t work for people like us.
  •  I will give you the systems, processes, and strategies that have been proven successful by countless entrepreneurs who have come before you to make forward progress in every area of your life without having any other area suffer and fall apart.
  •  You will have the same planning system I use to track my progress and measure my success so you effectively reduce the pressure and noise in your life and become more productive than you may believe is possible right now.
  •  The clear direction and guidance you need to become a transformational leader, more aware, more present, and more focused, so you can set priorities, grow your business, manage your life, and take care of yourself without feeling overwhelmed
The Goals For The Momentum Masterclass Are Simple:
  • ​To help you achieve your life’s purpose without letting people around you down.
  • ​To understand exactly what you should be doing at any time, in order to create the greatest momentum.
  • ​To obtain perfect clarity around your priorities and create certainty in how you plan every day.
  • ​To help you understand (and visualize) that everything you’re doing right now is moving you closer to your long-term goals.
  • ​To create laser focus to better understand the progress you’re making towards your greater outcomes.
  • ​To give you a community of people just like us, who see the world the way we do, and are moving forward in momentum every day.
  • ​To create better connections with your spouse, your children, your team, your business partners, your clients, and end the worry that you’ll let any of them down
  • ​To step into the voice telling you that you’re capable of so much more, with a proven system to help you tap into the innate ability you have to do more, and be more.
The Zero Risk Guarantee I’m Giving You…

I’ve built this course for a very unique type of entrepreneur at a certain place in their life.  I understand completely if the strategies, techniques, systems, and processes that I teach aren’t for you.

This program is built specifically for helping:
  • ​Entrepreneurs who run a team, or are on one.
  • ​Contractors and freelancers.
  • ​Artists and creators.
  • ​Authors and speakers.
  • ​Leadership teams and executives.
  • ​Programmers and engineers.
  • ​Athletes and trainers.
  • ​Practitioners and physicians.
  • ​Couples who work together, and couples who don’t.
  • ​Any one of us who wants to optimize our bodies, our minds, and our chemistry.

The Momentum Masterclass isn’t for everyone, I understand that.

If, after joining, you decide that the program cannot live up to the promises that I’ve made to you here, simply reach out to us within the first 30 days and let me know that you want a full refund.  We’ll happily return your entire purchase price, no hassles, no questions asked.
You have nothing to lose by trying the Momentum Masterclass today.
In fact, I think you have a lot to lose by not seeing how powerful the training is and understanding exactly how I can help you make a massive positive impact on the world, like so many others before you.


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