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Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero to $6K — Free download


Copy and Paste This 7-Sentence Email to Land Your First High-Paying Client… Skyrocket Your Copywriting Income Past $6,000 a Month…

Discover the Step-By-Step Blueprint of How to Go From Complete Beginner to Living the Dream Remote Working Lifestyle In As Little As 8 Weeks

  •  This client-closing template has worked for 31 out of 36 copywriting students I’ve taught it to
  •  It helped me quit my PhD studying elephant seals and become the chief copywriter at PaleoHacks, a multi-million dollar health company
  •  Today, it could be the missing link you need to make your freelance copywriting career EXPLODE, even if you have zero experience and zero connections

This proven system lets beginner copywriters close high-paying clients…

Using easy, step-by-step emails with copy-and-paste templates…

Let’s break down exactly what you get week-by-week…

(Plus the special bundle of free gifts & word-for-word templates for early-bird members)

The moment you log in, you’ll see a powerful 9-page PDF we’ve NEVER release before.
(Not even to our one-on-one students)
That’s over 2,000 words of fill-in-the-blank templates you can start using to attract, filter and close paid clients.
This is broken out into 4 “Phases”, as follows:
1. Completely Cold Client Template
2. Semi-Cold Client Template 
3. How to Get a Client on the Phone
4. 27-Step Phone Sales Script to Close a Client on the Spot
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because this curriculum is loaded with over 5 hours of actionable, step-by-step video guidance.
(If that sounds like a lot – don’t fret – it’s only ~5 minutes per day.)
So let’s get right into the MEAT of the program, and see what’s inside…


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