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Discover your own spiritual gifts and how to activate them and utilize them to help heal your own and those around you. How to Increase Your Intuition using a simple technique called Scanning. Everyone can tune into their own intuitive. It’s not difficult once you know how.

How to Feel Energy Feeling energy is something that everyone can experience. When you’ve done that, you’ll gain more awareness and understanding of the invisible energy that is controlling everything.

How to Make Use of the sacred light and colors to cleanse, energize, and heal – Few people are aware of the benefits of this particular method. When you master it, you’ll transform from feeling tired and down to feeling rejuvenated feeling happy in just a minute.

How to use the practice of sacred breathing to access higher Spiritual Levels – Did you know that there’s a certain method to gain access to more healing levels through only breathing? I’ll give you the exact procedure for getting there.

What to do To Cut Energetic Cords and Clear Yourself Did you aware that people can influence your body? You are an energy being, and other people are able to create chords on your body without even knowing it. If this occurs, you experience exactly the way you are feeling… The fears they have can become theirs… This article will guide you on how to remove these chords so that others don’t have the power to influence you.

Three Powerful Types of Sacred Geometry You Should Use in all your healings There are numerous Sacred Geometry symbols I personally employ. In this course we’ll concentrate on the three Basic and extremely powerful ones that you’ll need. It’s the base of all I do.

How to Identify Negative energy within your chakras – Your chakras influence you and the quality of your living more than you’re aware of. I’ll help you determine which chakras carry negative energy, and then what you can do about it.

The Guide for Spiritual Sanitation This guide will reveal precisely what you need to do prior to and following ALL Healing sessions in order to ensure you’re safe from negative energies released during healing.

Three Proven Methods for Getting Rid of Negative Energy – If negative energy is residing within the body of a person, that energy has to be eliminated. I’ll explain my three-step method that will eliminate negative energy, regardless of the age of the person!

How to Make Vortex and other Shields to protect yourself – Did you know that you are able to shield yourself from negative energies of others? It’s not difficult if you are able to create an encirclement and shield to accomplish it.

How to balance your chakras Sometimes, you experience a struggle throughout your day because your chakras may not be properly balanced. This can lead to headaches, nausea, a feeling of disconnection or overwhelmed when they’re too large or smaller… It is possible to discover precisely how to replenish to balance and align your chakras to ensure you’re running smoothly throughout the day.

How to clear your Aura And Energetic Field Your energetic field may vary between a few inches in front of you to 15-20 feet around. Through the course of your day, you may take in negative energy from people and places you go to. Learn how to eliminate all the negative energy that is in your energy field and aura.

Plus many and more…

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