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Earn The Deal assisted us in generating $32,000 in revenue per month. – CRFTSHO’s Drew Hall

Wow! For the first time, I watched the Earn the Deal module. Seriously, this is the piece of knowledge I’ve been looking for in my business but didn’t realize was available in steps. – Gallant, Kelli


My third client recently agreed to a $4500 monthly retainer for video content creation and consultancy.” – Michael Kepka

What Kinds Of Sales Can You Expect To Make If You Learn & Apply The Earn The Deal® Sales Systems…

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What Does The Earn The DealTM (ETD) Sales Mastery Program Include?

Learn how to use ABSOLUTE CONTROL to convert complete strangers into high-paying clients.

The Foundations Of The World’s Most Effective Ethical Sales System

How to develop and build your own sales system that produces consistent revenues for your company.

We only accept three of the four outcomes of a sales interaction as professionals.

If you believe these 9 sales fallacies, your conversion rate will suffer.

A Successful Sales Conversation Has 5 Phases

Every successful sale follows a sequential process.

There are 11 key sales beliefs that all top performers share.

An in-depth look at how to have an ETD sales conversation.

ETD Sales Guides that can be downloaded

Earn The Deal is a universal sales guide.

Unique Videos

Retainers for Content

Advertising Campaigns

Programs of Mentorship

Creating Your Offer’s Ultimate Earn The Deal Sales Guide

How to come up with your own questions for sales calls

How to practice objection prevention to prepare for negative scenarios

Practice Exercises to Earn The Deal

How to role play effectively in order to build real-world sales skills

For sales talks, find your most dominant, confident, and passionate tonality.

Recordings of ETD Sales Meetings and Team Role Playing

How to position, price, package, and conduct an ETD content retainer sales conversation

How to position, price, package, and execute a commercial ETD sales conversation

Emotional Management

How to immediately recognize when you’re in the midst of a sales slowdown and turn it around

Use our sales monitoring sheet to keep track of your progress.

Answers to Your Questions

How to record, save, and organize your sales calls so you can get feedback and grow.

How can I get paid? (credit cards, bank transfers, checks)

How to get your first client for a new service

How do you sell when your offer’s price is negotiable?

What Does The Program Include?

Video Tutorials with 15 Hours of Value

This program provides you with a complete sales and communication strategy that you can implement in your company to begin converting leads into high-paying clients while maintaining complete control.

Exercises for Developing Skills

This is the first sales program ever to offer seven different practice activities that you can undertake each week to maximize your sales potential. Instead of just watching videos, you’ll be challenged with activities that will help you improve your skills in the shortest time possible. Practice makes perfect, not consumption, as we like to say!


A complimentary one-hour strategy call with one of our World-Class Business Advisors is included with your purchase of the full Earn The DealTM sales program, and will help you leverage your new sales skillset and system to grow wealth.

In the previous four years, our filmmaking and content producer clients at Earn The Deal have generated over $40 million in sales.

Past performance:

Over 1,000 students have earned a profit through Earn The Deal.

100% customer satisfied

$7,500+ average deal size

Our firms have generated over $5 million in sales in the last five years, and the Earn The Deal sales program is at the heart of those sales.

Who Should Take This Course?

You want to improve your sales and communication abilities dramatically.

This course will assist both complete novices and seasoned sales professionals because it covers both the basics and advanced sales psychology.

You’re prepared to put in some effort; this application performs best when you do. There are better places to delay if you want to invest in the software and get to it anytime you want.

Who Should Not Take This Course

You don’t want to offer a product or service through sales talks.

You’re seeking for a thorough program that covers topics such as paid advertising, copywriting, operations, and finance. This program includes one day dedicated to our very favorite and most powerful organic (free) mega-value marketing tactic, “Bullseye Videos,” but it is not a marketing or paid advertising program.

Speed is unimportant to you. This program is designed for people who wish to learn this extremely valuable skill set as quickly as possible.

Earn The DealTM Sales Mastery Program (normally $1997) is available for 80% off.


Payment in Advance

Questions Frequently Asked

When does the program begin and how long do I have access to it?

What do you think of lifetime access?

After registering, you will have unlimited access to this software for as long as you want, on any and all of your devices.

What is the appropriate skill level for this?

The Earn The Deal® sales system was created to take someone who knows nothing about sales systems and has no sales experience and turn them into someone who can construct their company’s most effective sales system and convert prospects into high-paying clients in the shortest time feasible.

Anyone, regardless of age, gender, social standing, background, present sales knowledge, or skill level, can benefit from this training.

Isn’t it possible for me to learn all of this from “sales experts” on YouTube?

Youtube is a terrific resource with more free training on increasing your sales skills than any individual is capable of seeing.

Every week, we generate 20 minutes to an hour of free YouTube videos on how to improve a range of talents and grow profitable businesses!

However, if you simply learn on YouTube, you’ll waste dozens of hours learning the same thing, searching for videos only to get partial answers and without detailed exercises to help you genuinely master the abilities you want.

This is for you if you want to increase your talents quickly and gain access to the most effective sales training ever devised.

Furthermore, how much is your time worth?

Keep watching YouTube until it is!

What is the skill level of this program?

14 Day Filmmaker was created to take someone from having no experience shooting with a camera to being able to create cinematic commercials in just 14 days.

Not only that, but it will also teach you how to shoot commercials that will make you and your clients a lot of money.

“FUN” is the most commonly used word to characterize 14 Day Filmmaker.

We’ve worked with filmmakers from many walks of life.

Is there any assurance?

Absolutely! Earn The DealTM comes with a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. If the Earn The DealTM Program does not entirely satisfy and enlighten you, contact us within 7 days for a full refund, no questions asked!


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