Price and Pricing Strategies


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Price and Pricing Strategies — Udemy — Published 12/2020 — Free download


A Step Towards Generating Revenues and Earning Profit

What you’ll learn

  • Definitions of price
  • Types of price
  • Setting effective price
  • Factors affecting pricing decision
  • Pricing strategies
  • Types of Markets (related to price)
  • New product pricing strategies
  • Price adjustment strategies


  • You are ready


We can not deny the importance of marketing mix or 4 Ps of marketing, and one of the most crucial Ps which is solely responsible for generating revenue for the organisation is “Pricing”.

In this course, you learn some of the most important concept related to the pricing. It intends to cover many topics related to pricing and pricing strategies. Understanding these concepts will help you design effective pricing strategies, which in return will ensure generating the revenue you are looking for. So, enrol in the course and see you inside.

Happy learning!

Dr. Jan

Who this course is for:

  • Business Administration Students
  • Marketing Students
  • Business Owners
  • BBA and MBA students
  • Those who are interested to learn pricing


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