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Each time we see the sins associated with “victimless crime” rearing their ugly head in the daily routines of Americans. The victims of these crimes aren’t the ones who has been hurt: speeding tickets, red light tickets stop sign tickets seat belts possession tickets, and many more!
“crimes” do not hurt anyone They merely appear to cause injuries due to the statutory laws. This is the reason why ” Here’s a ticket of $300 for having crossed a stop sign around 4. A.M. even though nobody was present [apart from the police officer who issued you a ticket[not even the police officer].”
When we consider the very beginning days of law and judges, you’ll find that the court system is intended for (and exclusively to) a tort or the act of committing a infraction that causes harm on the part of a person and their belongings or a violation of an individual’s right (other than pursuant to a contract).
If you have violated the Golden Rule: Do No Do to a Person or their property, then there could be legal and civil consequences. In you are in the age of corporate and propaganda (marketing) has been a sign that We The People have lost our ways (and right to be). Sovereignty isn’t based on title, but it is located within the minds of people. When the brain is set up to evil, it will eventually will arise to lure people to slavery through consent!
Without writing a dissertation on the people “lost inside corporate America” It is enough to declare the following: every aspect of “LAW” as well as “LAW enforcement” is designed for income generationin this wonderful country. There is nothing else and nothing less!
What To Do When The “Protectors” Are Criminals
Prisons offer their inmates their prisoners$3.50 for eight hour hours(as as of 2020). The work is assigned at a rate of $5 to $10 per hour which generates huge amount of income from the privately-owned industrial complex referred to under the “prison prison system.”
So , what are you to do when individuals “sworn to defend (you)” have in fact modern-day slave-drivers? It’s time to fight back once you’ve ever had! The best way to begin is to defeat the ticket!
If everyone stands up against minor offenses (victimless tickets or crimes) and the slave-masters be careful before stepping over. It will require some reading and knowledge of legal systems to understand why these methods are effective.
Beat The Ticket With These THREE SECRETS
Do you want to get ahead of all future tickets? Utilize these “TWO words” when you are signing an admission to erase it from your records without the need to appear in court!
Already received your ticket? You must write the following “THREE words” in the form of a ticket that was mailed at your address and you’ve beaten the ticket without ever going to the court!
Already got a court date? Then send “THREE documents”to make a traffic court judge’s life miserable which can result in dismissal that is 93% times!

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