Python 3 QuickStart Foundation



Python 3 QuickStart Foundation — Udemy — Last updated 2/2021 — Free download


Programming in a simple and easy way, complete with examples/source codes

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to code in python from scratch
  • Learn how to apply your learning in rea life problem solving
  • Want to pick up Python within 3 hours


  • No prerequisite required


If you want to learn how to write Python programs as a first-time learner you are in a right place.

You will enjoy self-paced and simple/easy lectures like a boss, solve real-world problems, or automate tedious tasks.

We designed the course in a way that you can pick up Python in (Total) 3 hours if you focus and keep up.

Hello. my name is Andrew and I have been programming last 20 years. Worked for many fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Paypal, and Expedia as a developer as well as a technical product consultant.

I started my technical career in the late 1990s as a Web Developer and I’ll be sharing my real-world Python coding experience with you throughout this course.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create Python projects

You’ll learn how to take tedious and repetitious tasks and turn them into programs that will save you time and simplify your life on any system.


Here is what you will get and learn by taking this Python Programming course:

How to install Python and setup your programming environments.

How to set up your IDE – Text Editor (in this course we introduce Visual Studio Code)

How to work with variables, data types including strings, lists, tuples, etc.

How to if statements and function using Python.

How to capture input from a user and use the function.

How to do object-oriented programming using class concepts.

How to work with excel files in Python.

How to do your web scraping using Python.

How to develop your first web project using Python Flask.

Practice exercises with solutions so you can start using what you learn right away.

A download that contains the source codes used in the presentations and lessons.

You’ll be able to look at and experiment with everything you’re learning.

Quizzes after each section just to make sure you’re learning key takeaways

Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee – that’s my personal promise of your success!

Once you complete this course you will be confident to write a program that will run on any operating systems.

You can even do your first simple web application development after the end of the entire course.

Python is SUPER HOT right now.

You can use Python skills to enter into programming career, enrich your current job functions or just experience how programming task looks like.

Or you can code your way to a startup and launch your first MVP (Minimum Viable Product).


Free Bonus – Downloads of All the Material Covered

As an added bonus for enrolling in this Python Programming video training course, you’ll receive access to all source code used in the lessons.

Enroll now and to learn how to write your first Python programs

Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in learning to code: Python.

Students who need some coding skills, Business managers who like to automate their tedious tasks, startup founders who need their MVP done by themselves, or those who think of switching their career to a programmer.

No previous coding experiences required.

Anyone is welcome to join!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python Developer, Any Business Manager who like to scale your skills, Any Startup Founder who like to add coding skills or any student who want to try out coding


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