Python with Twitter, Telegram and Youtube



Python with Twitter, Telegram and Youtube — Udemy — Published 2/2021 — Free download


Let’s downlaod tweets from Twitter, Let’s send messages to Telegram, Lets make Twitter Bot and Youtube Downloader

What you’ll learn

  • Get tweets including content, username, date, url … from Twitter without Api
  • We will make Twitter Bot. With this bot you can tweet everytime automatically.
  • We will send any kind of message ( text, image …) to Telegram Application with Python.
  • You will send any kind of message ( text, image …) to Telegram. Especially to get cryptocurrency price or twitter from someone
  • We will download playlists formated mp4 or mp3 from Youtube
  • We will download videos formated mp4 or mp3 from Youtube


  • Just basic level Python Knowledge
  • You should be interested in coding


We will scrape tweets on Twitter 

We will download more than the 3200 tweets that Twitter current limits. Including Date, Time, Number of Retweets, Number of Likes, Direct link to the Tweet, Tweet content and direct link to IMAGE or VIDEO file if that’s what the content contains. We will download tweets to Csv file and Sql Server databases system. Maybe you can improve this code block and get users all tweets and analyzing him. Or you do basic application to some users this users interesting about cyryptocurrency and this users follow several twitter users. When these twitter users send a tweets about cyryptocurrency  our users immadiately buy this cyryptocurrency. Your application may help this users.

We will send message to Telegram with Python

We will create a telegram bot using botFather. With this telegram bot we are going to enter any kind of chat platform then we will send text messages, image or document. Finally you can create a python script then you can get a message from remote.  Maybe you can  improve this code block and getting every change of blockchain and immediately you can information using telegram application. Or you can filter some famous twitter user like Elan Musk and if Elan Musk send tweet about dogy or bitcoin you can get information in seconds

We will send tweets with Twitter Bot

In this video series you will automatically signin and tweet about everything and than you can sing out from twitter. Maybe you can  improve this code block and retweet every tweets or you like many tweets or delete users liked tweets or delete users all tweets.

We will download videos and playlist from Youtube with Python

We will download videos on format mp4 and format mp3 and also we will download playlist on format mp4 and format mp3. Maybe you can  improve this code block and get all videos comments and also you can get videos description or like and unlike count.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in coding
  • Anyone who wants to develop a project with Python


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