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SEO Strategies To Take Your Blog To 100,000 Visitors Per Month

SEO is an art, not a science. As many people will tell you they have a winning formula for guaranteed success, ask them in 3-4 years, and their methods will have changed. The truth is, no one really knows how  Google’s algorithm defines “authority”, and a best guess is still a guess.

The original RankXL Authority SEO was consistently one of the highest rated courses for how to start profitable website, but with the new owner, and the newly dubbed Authority SEO 2.0…does the course hold up?

You will :

  • Know what’s inside the members area of RankXL Authority SEO 2.0
  • Have a clear view of topics covered by the lessons
  • See some specific examples of things I agree or disagree with
  • Know if the Facebook group is any good
  • See a concise list of pros and cons of the course
  • Learn about some alternative online courses based on their strengths compared to Authority SEO 2.0


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