Robby Blanchard – Spark 200 Level Course: $100/day Formula



Robby Blanchard – Spark 200 Level Course: $100/day Formula Download now

Inside this never-before-seen course, you’ll find:
 – How to set up your Facebook ad account step-by-step
 – How to find the right products inside ClickBank to promote today
 – Full tutorial on setting up your first Facebook ads campaign
 – When to shut down a campaign so you never lose money again

Also included in this mastery course:
 – Dialing Up Your Facebook Traffic 101 – What metrics to measure and how to measure them
 – Understand Your Ad Copy – Why your ad copy is the most overlooked and important aspect of advertising
 – Scaling Past $100 per Day – How to know which Facebook ad campaigns are ready to scale… and how to give them bigger budgets


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