Scott Oldford – Leadcraft Masterclass-Facebook Ads


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Scott Oldford – Leadcraft Masterclass-Facebook Ads

Scott Oldford – Leadcraft Masterclass-Facebook Ads | 9.33 GB

Want to start profiting with Facebook Ads?
Watch over my shoulder for 6 weeks as I show you the tactics, strategies and methods that Ive used to grow a multi-million dollar company (and that Ive used to help grow a LOT of other companies)

You’ll start with what is content marketing; Important points while creating content; Types of content – Written and visual; Types of content – audio and video; Purpose of content creation and Steps to create content; Practice tool for content and Steps on creating digital marketing strategies and its factors; Talking points on steps of digital marketing and discussing it on detail; Creating Strategy and Things to Consider in Digital Marketing; Lead Generation Discussion; Web traffic matrix; SEO Optimisation, Paid Digital Marketing Advertising, and Social Media Digital Marketing.

Then you will learn about What is B2B and B2C

; Strategies for B2B and B2C; Search Engine Optimisation and The Different Search Engines; SEO Definition; How does google search engine works?; Structure of google search results like ads and others; What to target on google search result on your branding and talking about SEO; Organic listing on Google search results and other factors; Results based on search on google and its structure and other digital factors; What to type or search based on example like buying a laptop; Kinds of digital searches – Navigational, Informational, and Commercial.

We will also cover Describing keywords and definition; Types of Keywords – long tail and short tail keywords; Other Types of Keywords – Branded, Geographical, and Seasonal Keywords; How to write and structure a content; Content that ranks example and keyword target and discussing other factors; Length of words and 2 way of communication and other factors; FAQs, Videos and Media, and other factors on how to write content that ranks; Add keyword to make content friendly; Importance of keywords in making content friendly;

Primary & Secondary Keywords; Important

steps on keyword research – List of relevant keywords; Sort based on average monthly searches and competition of analysis; Overview of the last lesson about keywords; Practical guidelines on keyword placement; Placing primary keyword ,secondary keyword and placing keyword to content; Meta tags and meta description on search content and discussing other factors; Primary and secondary must be present on title, description and url; The importance of title on primary keyword and its relevance on the content; Adding secondary keywords on description and url; Determining image title and showing another example of article; How often repeat keywords , using example from other article and other factors; To make content friendly add keywords like primary and secondary keywords.


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