Sell Your Art Masterclass Part 4 with Melanie Greenwood



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Welcome to the Sell Your Art Masterclass, Part 4!

In this 4 part course, you will learn how to sell your artwork to real customers online and marketing strategies to build awareness and a loyal following for your art business.

NOTE: This course is PART 4, the final part of this course series. This is due to the length and depth of the course content. This way you can take each part one at a time.

In this course, you will learn how to:

1. Over deliver for your customers to keep them coming back for more

2. Use abandon cart strategies to encourage people to come back and complete their purchases

3. Encourage testimonials and reviews from your raving art fans

4. Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch marketing strategies to engage potential art buyers.

I hope you enjoy Part 4 of The Sell Your Art Masterclass course!


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