Service That Scale by Mike Cooch


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Service That Scale by Mike Cooch – DigitalMarketingLab — Free download


The Complete System To Build Your Own High-Margin, Recurring Revenue Scalable Services And Get You Off Of The ‘Agency’ Treadmill.
Here’s What You’ll Get From This System…
SPECIFICALLY For Digital Agencies Serving Small, Local Businesses:
Use The Proven Tools In The Services That Scale System To ‘Productize’ Your Services And Create Scalable, Recurring, High-Margin Service Packages That Are Built On Process And Automation…NOT Hustle Or Expertise.
The Services That Scale Productization Roadmap ™️
  • * The core principles of creating services that scale…so you can apply them to any new service you create now and in the future.
  • * The step-by-step process to design scalable, recurring revenue, high-margin servicesso you can escape the ‘Agency Services Trap’ for good!
  • * The best types of services to offer to escape the ‘Client Services Trap’ so that you actually ATTRACT the right customers to you.
  • * Why doing more for your clients is actually sabotaging your success and limiting your growth…and exactly how to structure your services so you stop doing this (and make MORE money).
  • * How to have the confidence to say ’NO’ to clients that want you to customize your service (you’ll never do it again!)…
  • * Why selling and promising ‘results’ is *almost* always the worst thing to doand what to do instead.
  • * How to price your services for high margins AND fast sale so you can increase your sales velocity and stop chasing new business.
  • * The most important factors to increase customer retention and keep your customer for years…this is where the real money is made!
  • * The secret strategy used by Fortune 500 companies like AT&T and Comcast that allowed them to scale their services to tens of millions of dollars in recurring revenue (I got a sneak-peak when I sold my business!).


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