Social Heartistry Academy by John Cooper


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Social Heartistry Academy by John Cooper

John Cooper – Social Heartistry Academy | 12.13 GB

Genre: Dating, Relationships, Psychology
The Social Heartistry Academy is the only program relating to women that you will need. You will transcend the pick-up paradigm, and see the world in a simplified way, coming from Truth not Control. Instead of learning hundreds of different techniques, you will learn the overarching principles that allow you to cultivate your own unique style and find fulfilment with women as well as in all other areas of life.

Social innovation is clearly gaining momentum globally, which is reflected in booming (social) impact investing and increasingly impactful social innovation policies.

Knowledge and skills to not only develop, but also successfully pitch your social innovation to investors, grant funders, donors and other decision makers are becoming crucial in todays world, whether you are an aspiring social entrepreneur, an experienced corporate innovator, a local policymaker or a global non-profit leader.

This course will teach you how to create social impact and systemic change. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to learn the theory of social innovation, as well as how to:

1. Identify and frame a social problem and transform it into an opportunity.

2. Define and build robust social innovation initiatives utilizing the principles of social innovation.

3. Co-create ideas and transform ideas into social innovation initiatives.

4. Measure, scale-up and create initiatives that have social impact.

5. Use the tools available for each of the social innovation processes.

6. Pitch your social innovation to investors, funders, and other decision-makers.

In each unit, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the social innovation processes that will enable you to develop the necessary skills to create innovative solutions in complex societal issues.

As a free bonus, Social Innovation Academy also includes additional 46 social innovation interviews, 49 case studies, 34 skill cards, 33 pieces of mentor advice, and more!

Also a community of many hundreds of Social Innovation Academy members awaits you!


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