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Everyone wants to get more done in less time.
However, few people put the time and effort to create the proper system today in order to accomplish more work accomplished in the future.
This is the reason the importance of doing time right is crucial.
The Digital Divide
In the past decade the last decade, a wealth of software (think Zapier, Airtable, Typeform, Superhuman, Loom, Asana, Calendly, etc.).) have been developed, allowing users to do more with less effort. However, the proliferation of these tools has led to a significant efficiency and skills gap.
People who have invested in these methods have gained enormous personal leverage.
Some are stuck in the hamster’s spin of their lives, usually stressed and anxious when they attempt to navigate through the maze of tools and information that are available within the digital realm.
Doing Time Right can bridge this gap.
It’s Not Rocket Science
Utilizing modern technology isn’t rocket science. In just a few minutes, you’ll increase the output, while also reducing the amount of hours you are spending at “the wheel” each week.
It means that you are able to concentrate more time on the things you love creating projects for yourself, learning new techniques, spending time with family and friends… You know the idea. Also, it means that you’ll become more valuable at work.
This course is not going to increase your productivity by 1000%. It won’t solve all your issues. However, it will teach the way to “Marie Kondo” how you use your most valuable resource: time.
The Doing-Time Right methodcuts by using cute productivity hacks, but more importantly, it assists you concentrate on tasks that you can complete right away and you will have more time each week throughout your life.
Being able to do Time Right is a simple step-by-step course that will aid you:

Make use of leverage the “Eliminate, Automate, Delegate” framework.
Protect your most valuable resource: time.
Develop habits that are repeatable and keep you off the hamster’s wheel.
Utilize tools such as Zapier, Google Sheets, Notion, Loom, and Superhuman to increase your productivity.
Join forces with other who are committed to the value of saving time.

You’ll be able to access:

A series of videos that guides you through the most important concepts.
Exercises that can be done that will have tangible ROT (return at the right time).
Tutorials on video showing how to reduce automation, automate, delegate and iterate.
A group of people who share the same interests.
Benefits such as a tool as well as a directory shortcut.
Templates to assist you in leveraging modern tools.
Lifetime access to all future versions of this product.

If you’re serious about your time, then $300 is an easy decision. Some courses are priced at 50 times the price. Remember, you’ll likely be able to expense this course to your employer! Are you still not convinced? Take a look at our expanding gallery of public affection.
If you’re dissatisfied with the product at launch we’ll be happy to refund you, no questions asked.
Find out what other users are saying
Then… why not learn from us?
Doing Time Rightis an impromptu collab between Steph Smith and Calvin Rosser.

Both blogs which have been read by many thousands of readers.
Both have launched products that bring thousands of dollars each month. The book written by Steph, Doing Content Right, has sold more than 3k copies and has received hundreds of favorable reviewers on this site.
Both have managed large teams within businesses that have grown their products to millions of ARR and profitably in 12-18 months.
Both have worked from home since 2016 and have went to more than 40 countries in total, also included learning other skills such as podcasting and coding.

They’ve made all of this in the past couple of years using elements of Eliminate, Automate as well as delegate framework. Today, they’re providing you with the identical operating system.

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Our Price: $20
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