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Ramit Sethi – Teach Yourself Anything — Free download


Over the next 21 days, we’ll dive deep into the exact techniques, tools, and mindset you need to pick up any new skill rapidly.

Each week I’ll send you a new module that focuses on one specific attribute of teaching yourself anything.

Module 1 – How to Be Good at Everything

Module 2 – The First Seven Days: Test Driving Your New Skills

Module 3 – How the Best in the World Learn Things Fast

Each module comes with five lessons, and each lesson has specific action step to help you pick up new, impressive skills quickly. so I recommend you do one lesson per day of the week to give yourself time to take action and see results.

As you go through the material, it’s tempting to just watch the videos and say, “Okay, okay, I think I got it”. But the most important thing for learning a new skill quickly is to actually get up and do it. That’s why I want to challenge you at the end of each video to apply what you’ve learned with one small action step.


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