The complete Java Android App development Bootcamp 2020



The complete Java Android App development Bootcamp 2020 — Udemy — Last updated 9/2020 — Free download


Learn Android development fundamentals and start creating your own Android applications

What you’ll learn

  • Make projects that you can showcase to your potential client
  • Apply for a job as an Android developer
  • Make any app that you imagine (Sky is the limit)
  • Build an app that you can publish on Google play and generate money revenue from ads
  • Master Android studio environment
  • Learn Firebase realtime Database
  • PC with any operating system
  • Will to learn – I will teach you everything you need to know to become an Android developer

[New Android lectures are added constantly!]

So here we are, you are on landing page of the course that teaches Android development. You are trying to become an Android developer? Have you ever wondered how Android apps are built? Do you want to create Android app for yourself, for your business or maybe you want to make money by selling your applications or uploading them to google play store?

If answer on any of those questions is yes, The complete Java Android App development Bootcamp  course will help you achieve that from scratch!

The complete Java Android App development Bootcamp course uses most recent technologies, and we will build app for most recent Android Q version.

During development we will use most recent Android studio 4 versions. For any questions that you might have i am waiting at the Q&A section of the course, happy to answer.

Enroll now and :

– Get familiar with Android studio, IDE for creating native Android applications.
– Learn how Android apps are built, and how to build your own android apps from scratch.

– Learn how to make design Android App UI.

– Learn how to generate apk file so that you can send your app to your friends and they can install your app without downloading it from google play.

– Learn how to use RecyclerView in Android

– Learn how to make functional android app in general

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is curious about Android development
  • Anyone who wants to build their own apps
  • Anyone who enjoys learning new things
  • Anyone who wants to become true Android developer
  • Anyone who wants to get a Job as an Android developer or to work as a freelancer


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