The Data Science Course 2019: Complete Data Science Bootcamp



The Data Science Course 2019: Complete Data Science Bootcamp – Free Download

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Full training on Data Science which includes: Statistics, Mathematics, Phython, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and the Advanced Statistics on Phython.

Learning Outcomes

  • This course provides you with all the necessary skills you need as a Data Scientist.
  • Filling your resume with the data science skills that are in demand which include: Python Programing through pandas, NumPy, and matplotlib, Statistical analysis, Advanced Statistical analysis, Deep learning through the use of TensorFlow, Machine Learning through the use of scikit-learn and stats models and Tableau.
  • Create a good impression to your interviewers through portraying of the skills you have in the data science field.
  • Get knowledge on data pre-processing.
  • Get an understanding of the mathematics that lie on Machine Learning one of which most other courses do not cover.
  • Ability to commence coding in Python as well as learning on using it in the statistical analysis.
  • Perform logistic and linear regressions in Python.
  • Ability to perform factor and cluster analysis.
  • Real-life application of the skills attained in business cases.
  • Get an understanding of the power underlying in the deep neural networks.
  • Improvement of the Machine Learning algorithms which come through studying overfitting, underfitting, validation, training, testing, n-fold cross validation and you can improve performance through the use of hyperparameters.
  • Get ready for real-life application through which you will get much desire to practically use what you have learnt.


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