The Makepeace Method for Writing Million Dollar Sales by Clayton Makepeace

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Clayton Makepeace – The Makepeace Method for Writing Million Dollar Sales — Free download


Write with far less stress, gain MORE confidence, earn a BIGGER income

Yes! I can’t wait to start mastering the secrets of writing million-dollar sales pages in as little as 7 days. I understand that once I learn this insanely valuable skill, I will unlock my true earning potential – making it FAR easier to achieve the life I want, with far less stress … far less procrastination … and MUCH happier clients!

As soon as I get started with The Makepeace Method for Writing Million-Dollar Sales Letters in 7 Days or Less, I will receive 24/7 online access to:

The FOUR main training webinars, including –

  • MAKEPEACE METHOD WEBINAR #1: Product Presentation Magic
  • MAKEPEACE METHOD WEBINAR #2: How to Read Your Prospect’s Mind
  • MAKEPEACE METHOD WEBINAR #3: Beat the Blank Page Blues
  • MAKEPEACE METHOD WEBINAR #4: Supercharge Your Writing Plan

I ALSO get all 6 modules from top pros in the industry:

  • MODULE #1: Jedd Canty and Henry Bingaman: Secrets for Developing Million-Dollar Themes and Headlines
  • MODULE #2: Richard Armstrong: What’s Your Story?
  • MODULE #3: Patrick Bove: Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt: Keys to Credibility
  • MODULE #4: David Deutsch: Master Course – Creating Fascinating Fascinations
  • MODULE #5: Lori Haller – Copy that Sails Through Production
  • MODULE #6: Clayton — The Ultimate Close


I get FIVE bonus gifts!

  • GIFT #1: 40 Headline Idea Starters
  • GIFT #2: Steal These Secrets Volume 1 and 2
  • GIFT #3: A Dozen Seductions, Part III – “End of America” Promo analysis
  • GIFT #4: Slides and handouts for every single module
  • GIFT #5: Book Analysis: Gerry Spence’s “Win Your Case”


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