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You don’t need another dude showing you how to create oddly satisfying abstract looping 3D art in Cinema 4D. There’s a lot of that out there already, online and offline, by all kinds of chumps.

This course is about deeper skills.

Skills that daily renders or personal projects can’t teach you.

Skills universities charging £50,000+ per degree are too cowardly to touch.

Skills you only get from working experience as a designer, producer, creative, and art director.

That’s the secret sauce that turns a good designer into a great one.

It’s what sets their motion apart, and keep their clients coming back.

In this extreme sport version of an online Motion Design course I’ll take you through every step of a tight Motion Graphic Design Process.

You will learn how to transform your software skills into a rocket-powered career, or profitable business.

In 50+ lectures and 19 breakdown videos you will learn how to:
Lead Motion Design projects of any scale
Know what clients and agencies expect
Break down and respond to briefs
Deal with finances: Estimates, Quotes, Proposals, and Invoicing
Overcome cost objections
Create treatments, concept decks, and presentations that clients love
Plan, structure, and manage projects
Do proper pre-production: Styleframes, Scripts, Storyboards, Animatic
And production: Previs, Roughcut, Proofs
Handle and respond to feedback
In a matter of weeks you’ll learn things that took me a decade, hundreds of projects, lots of mistakes, luck & help to figure out. Because I didn’t have this course.


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